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Over the weekend we had two warmer-than-normal days. Gusty winds were at play so relaxing and reading the paper at the big stone table in the garden were not really an option. (Thank you, March!)

Still it was nice to be outside without a coat.

Managed to trim the lavender, sage & the multi-stemmed sargent crab and spread a few more of my 135 bags of mini-pine nuggets mulch. As I look around I wonder if 135 will be enough. We’ve created and expanded lots of beds in the last several years!

Headed over to Ohio State to obtain replacements for a couple small trees purchased in November that became fodder for rabbits and/or deer (who knows?). I expected some damage but the sassafras totally disappeared!


Curse you Bambi & Thumper!

Thank you to Dan Struve and Meghan Blake for making this possible!


August’s arid weather freed The Proprietor of lawn mowing duties for the last several weeks. Instead, garden maintenance consisted mainly of weeding and moving around sprinklers from bed to bed to help preserve our precious young trees. 

The formerly lush green sea of lawn flowing among the beds here at NPG is now a sea of pale tan thatch punctuated here and there by enough grassy weeds (what else could they be?) that mowing could no longer be delayed. 

The ground was so hard that I couldn’t see the swath I had just mowed. I kept losing track of what ground had been covered except in the areas where the sprinklers had overshot the beds and there the lawn was not only green but 5 inches tall! 

It was sad. As I walked behind the mower, the crunchy brown grass remnants snapped under my tread like a parking lot spread edge to edge with those big ovoid shredded wheat biscuits I used to eat for breakfast. 

At least it’s all the same height now.